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Going through a divorce, custody dispute, or other domestic relations matter can be extremely difficult. Family law matters tend to be wrought with emotional and financial difficulty. In these troubling times, it helps to have a compassionate, yet assertive family law attorney by your side. The Richardson Law Offices can help you understand and process the issues that accompany matters such divorce, spousal and child support, and division of marital property. As a Chilton County family law attorney with more than a decade of experience, Attorney Byron Richardson will stand by your side every step of the way. In addition to handling family law matters, we also handle Alabama bankruptcy and DUI defense issues.

Whether you are just considering the possibility of a divorce at this point or have already been to court and are hoping for a modification of a prior decree, our office can inform you of your legal rights and the procedural steps necessary in order to have your case heard in court. We can also assist with the out-of-court settlement or mediation of a family law matter. With many years of experience, we have a broad base of understanding when it comes to ways to effectuate the end goal of your domestic relations situation, whether that be an equitable division of property, a fair amount of child support, or simple a legal declaration that you are free from the bonds of matrimony.

Divorce and Domestic Relations

Divorce is a difficult part of life, and one that Byron Mark Richardson has weathered himself. Although Byron Mark Richardson is highly selective of which divorce cases that he will indeed take, the Divorce and Domestic Relations area of the practice is very much a focus of the day to day work. Byron Mark Richardson takes a very pragmatic and sensible approach to Divorce and Domestic Relations representation. While some rumors in the community may state that attorneys in a Divorce case merely look to inflate their bill, it is the stated policy of Byron Mark Richardson to seek a resolution to a divorce proceeding as quickly as possible when resolution is in the best interests of the Client. At all times, Byron Mark Richardson shall give his best focus. He listens and will care about his client’s needs, as a true Attorney and Counselor at Law.

Grounds for Divorce in Alabama and Other Common Family Law Issues

Assuming that a spouse meets the minimum residency requirements for an Alabama divorce, a divorce can be granted on several grounds, including adultery, abandonment, physical incapacity, imprisonment, addition, irretrievable breakdown of the marriage, incompatibility of temperament, domestic violence, and separation for two years or longer. (An annulment may also be possible in certain circumstances, but the grounds for annulment are much more limited than the grounds for divorce). The burden is on the spouse seeking the divorce to prove the grounds relied upon.

If a couple has property and/or minor children, there are several issues that will need to resolved either by the parties or by the court, in the event that the spouses cannot reach an agreement. For example, any property owned by the couple is subject to division, as are any liabilities. Alabama follows the law of equitable distribution, which takes into consideration several factors and does not necessarily result in a 50-50 division of property and/or debt responsibility. Depending upon the length of the marriage, alimony may also be a possibility. This is especially true if the couple has enjoyed a certain standard of living during the marriage and one spouse has been economically dependent upon the other during the marriage. Usually, property acquired separately by gift or inheritance remains the property of the spouse to whom the gift was intended, but there can be exceptions to this general rule.

Child custody and child support are some of the most hotly contested issues in a typical Alabama divorce. The courts use the “best interest of the child” standard when determining custody arrangements. Factors to be considered in making a custody decision include the parties’ respective home environments, the age of the child(ren), the needs of the child(ren), the relative capacity of the parties to provide for the emotional, social, moral, and educational needs of the child (ren), the preference of the child(ren) in cases involving older kids, and other factors. With regard to child support, Alabama follows a set of guidelines that takes into consideration the spouses’ incomes, the number of children to be provided for, the cost of insurance, and other related issues. Once child support has been set by the court, the parties cannot change the amount on their own; they must first seek court approval. The same is true for custody arrangements.

A Dedicated and Affordable Family Law Attorney in Chilton County

To schedule an appointment with an experienced Chilton County family law attorney, call the Richardson Law Offices at (205) 280-6155. Our office handles cases in Pelham, Southern Shelby, and Northern Autauga Counties, as well as Clanton, Prattville, and other cities along the I-65 corridor. We also assist clients who are facing DUI or other misdemeanor charges, as well as those who have questions about filing for bankruptcy in Alabama. Whatever your legal needs, the Richardson Law Offices is here to serve you in your time of difficulty.


“My wife of 15 years became distant emotionally and my worst fears were confirmed. I had already been through one tough divorce in my life, but I knew that I would be in for a much more difficult fight as I had a lot more to lose financially this go around than before. Byron Mark Richardson made time for me. He gave me his personal phone number and was available by phone, email and text anytime I had a question or needed to discuss the process. I greatly appreciate the personal attention he gave my case and would recommend him as an attorney to anyone facing a difficult divorce.”

Ted W.
Clanton, Alabama

“He’s professional. I would highly recommend him to a friend or family member.”

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“He listens. He cares. He will give you a plan of action and help you accomplish the goals you want to meet in your divorce. I am very happy to have had him on my side.”

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